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Hotpoint Appliance Repair

Hotpoint Appliance Repair
The story of Hotpoint Electric Heating Company is a remarkable and inspiring one. Only some are aware that Hotpoint holds the distinction of being the pioneer behind a successful commercial product. Earl H. Richardson gave the name “Hotpoint” to his iron, initially crafted by the Pacific Electric Heating Company. This iron would later gain fame as a laundry appliance. Surprisingly, George A. Hughes and The Hughes Company ushered in the era of electric stoves in 1910. In 1912, the Pacific Electric Heating Company transformed and rebranded itself as the Hotpoint Electric Heating Company. By this time, Hotpoint Refrigerator Repair Service San Diego had already made its mark in households nationwide. In 1914, the Hotpoint trademark secured its registration with the US Patent Office. 1918, the Hughes Electric Heating Company merged with the Edison Electric Appliance Company.

Hotpoint Refrigerator Repair Service in San Diego continued to innovate in producing household products. Electric stoves debuted in two striking colors, brown and black, and remained in production until 1922. 1920, the British Hotpoint Electric Heating Company in the UK and the American General Electric in the USA allied. This partnership aimed to establish an agency selling home appliances under GE’s brand in the UK subsequently christened HEAC. In 1922, Hotpoint Refrigerator Repair Service San Diego introduced the porcelain white stove, and in 1923, the product line expanded to include a white range with nickel accents. In 1929, Hotpoint Electric Heating Company became a subsidiary of GEC. Notably, Hotpoint also ventured into refrigerators in 1931, a venture that eventually merged with the General Electric Company, giving birth to the Edison General Electric Company.

Affordable and Certified Services

San Diego Hotpoint Refrigerator Repair Service offers affordable and certified services. Our design service empowers customers to envision and plan their dream kitchens. Raymond C. Sandin joined Hotpoint’s design department in 1935, and under his guidance, the team grew from 13 to 14 members by 1965. He remained at the helm of the department until his passing. 1944, the magazine “Kitchen of the Future” was introduced to the market. In 1989, Hotpoint became a part of General Domestic Appliances, a division of the General Electric Company. Notably, Merloni acquired nearly 50 percent of Marconi plc by 2001, and Hotpoint’s branding and sale under Merloni’s banner in 2005 propelled Indesit to become a sought-after European brand.

Certified and Affordable

As early as 2007, Indesit had charted a course to position Hotpoint Refrigerator Repair San Diego as its premier brand. For any issues affecting your appliances, you should seek assistance from Hotpoint Repair Services. We are committed to delivering high-quality, competitive services to our valued customers. Hotpoint Appliance Repair Service is a paragon of service excellence in maintaining your appliances. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance you may require.


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Hotpoint Appliance Repair
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